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About A-L

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.


Over over 30 years, A-L Abatement has taken great pride in the work we have accomplished. Whether removing asbestos, performing mold remediation or emergency flood remediation, the A-L team approaches each project with concise care, concern and safety. 


With the vast knowledge and experience of our office and field staff, we are constantly exploring various ways to expand our work and safety practices in an effort to meet our clients’ expectations. Education is the cornerstone to our success, and we are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date training for both our workers and our management team.



"At the end of the day, our main goal is to keep employees, building occupants

and our team safe and sound."

Paul DeJuliis, President



We take pride in the fact that over 85% of our clients are repeat customers. The keystone to our success is the long-term, successful relationships we have forged with our clients throughout our history.


A-L Abatement has experience removing virtually every building product containing asbestos. Check out our list of services on the next page.

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